Vastu Tips for Toilet

vastu tips for toilet

Vastu for toilet recommends North-West corner of the house or building to be assigned to the toilet. For an attached toilet, again the North-West side of the room is recommended as per Vaastu.

Some of Many Vastu Tips for Toilets:


  • North - west is ideally considered for the placement of toilet while attached toilet in bathroom must also be in this direction only.
  • If there is attached toilet in the bathroom itself then WC should be on the West or North-west side and few inches above the ground.
  • Toilets should not be made in Northeast corners it is a severe vaastu offence, it brings disastrous health issues, accidents, problems in progeny and also brings unnecessary tensions. North east is a very pious place and owned by the Lord Shiva, Northeast is occupied by Vaastupurush’s forehead. So one should never place the toilet/bathroom here.
  • Toilets in the Southeast area is also a problem in vaastu sense. The inmates of the building structure which has southeast toilet bear unexpected losses, unexpected problems, legal issues, taxation problems, accidents with electricity and problems in electricity gadjets.Southeast is owned by Lord agnidev, the place is good for fire activities.
  • Toilet in the southwest is also not good. The inmates bear lots of financial issues, losses, unnecessary expenses. South west is the area where the magnetic energy is stored; there should be no drainage in this area.
  • Toilets should always face the north or south and never be east or west. The toilet should be on the west or the northwest side of the room with few inches above the ground.
  • The WC should never come in front of the bathroom door.
  • Toilet should not be made under the stairs. In the same ways the toilet is not at all good in the centre area of the building structure.
  • Toilet should not be made near the puja room, the kitchen etc, the pooja room and the kitchen above the toilet is not at all vaastu friendly. Only a toilet is permissible above the other toilet.

Take care of the following points while studying about the vastu of the Toilet. Vastu consultation of Toilet involves a thorough analysis.

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