Mercury: Emerald (Panna)

pannaGemstone Emerald associated to planet Mercury, Mercury always resides along with Sun or at minimum one house ahead or behind the planet Sun. This planet representing wisdom and voice. It gives mental alertness, memory, communication skills, discrimination intellect and mental control. When Mercury is weak or afflicted then mental dullness, immaturity or poor memory retention may be evident, and logical part of the mind is not functioned in a normal way. Which may cause daydreaming, anxiety, fantasies or an irrational outlook on the world. Emerald gemstone is very suitable for diplomats, scientists, businessmen, insurance officers and musicians.

Mercury is the lord of sign Gemini and Virgo in Indian Astrology. It is especially favorable for Gemini, Virgo, Taurus and Libra Ascendants

General Characteristics of Emerald (Panna):

Planet Mercury (Budh)
Sign(Rashi) Gemini(Mithun), Virgo(Kanya)
Color of the Emerald Green
Diseases Cured by Emerald Lack of concentration, Depression, Dullness, Laziness, Restlessness, Headache, Sexual diseases, Chronic, Diseases of the bowels, Barrenness and Rheumatic.

We at study the horoscope thoroughly and do the necessary calculations up to the sub lord level (the further sub division of the Nakshatra) and arrive to the best conclusion for an individual horoscope. The stone must 'arouse' the qualities that a person needs to become success.

The following details are required by us
your Date of Birth 
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There is particular procedure to be followed while wearing a gem stone

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