Bhairav Pujan/Jaap

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To overcome Enemies (for Shatru – Enemy Nivaran & win litigations/court case)


Occasionally One Day Puja: Mantra Jaap and Homam

Package 1 Includes: 36000 Mantra Jaap and Homam
Package 2 Includes: 54000 Mantra Jaap and Homam
Package 3 Includes: 125000 Mantra Jaap and Homam



Bhairav puja is done to win over enemies. This puja provides strength to fight against enemies and protects one from black magic and evil spirits. When there is transit of malefic planets in one’s horoscope this puja is highly recommended.
Lord Bhairav is considered to be the incarnation (Avatar) of Lord Shiva. In the contemporary times, Bhairav has been worshipped by millions of people to get the powerful blessings from God. Bhairav is a fierce form of Shiva. It is believed that Bhairav is connected to the Southern face and relates to the Mahavidya goddess named Bhairavi who gives Lagna shuddhi (purification of the Disciple). This purifies and protects the body, self concept, personality.

Bhairav- Lord of Rahu: Bhairav or Bhairavi are worshiped when there are malefic planets in the birth lagna (time) or when natural malefic planets are transiting. Bhairav removes and protects person from these types of effects. As per the Indian astrology, Rahu is known as a shadow planet, which plays an important role in the life of a creature. The worship of Lord Bhairav can be reduce the evils caused by the malefic position of Rahu in the horoscope. Worshipers can also wear Bhairav Yantra Locket.

Bhairav Pujan – Worship of Lord Bhairav is very useful to win over your enemies, success and all materialistic comforts. Lord Bhairav guard the lord Shiva temple, due to which he is called “Kotwal” also. Batuk bhairav is the most worshiped form of bhairav in tantra. Bhairav anushthan works as an effective shield, offering an invincible protection from unfortunate events, accidents, overcome problems due to evil spirits/perils, black magic, departed ancestors’ subtle bodies and influence of the planet Saturn (Shani), Rahu & Ketu etc. This is most powerful pujan for attaining victory from all directions. (Success in all ten directions) Lord Bhairav is granter of Siddhis, Luck, Prosperity & Protection. It also helps to control pleasant energy i.e. to overcome any obstacle in the pathway of the activated spiritual energy system and to energized it appropriately, so that the seeker can continue his spiritual practice smoothly. Bhairav pujan also safeguards against black magic done by enemies. It brings success and removes adverse situations and misfortunes.

Benefits of Lord Bhairav Puja:

• This puja helps in getting conquer or victory over enemies and get give peace of mind.

• This puja provides strength to fight against evil and protects one from black magic.

• This puja helps fearlessness, and creates courage to face and defeat enemies.

• Purification of mind, body and soul is attained by the Bhairav Puja.

• This puja also helps to reduce the adverse effects of Shani and Rahu Dasha.

• Puja is done in Vedic form so no side effects to anyone.


This pujan includes Mantra Jaap and Homam Lord Bhairav, It is specifically done in your Name with your Sankalpa and your wish.


Pujan/Anushthan Highlights:

•Muhurat Calculation for Anushthan

•Puja Materials used in Pujan for lord/deityHavan Image Final 3

•Personalized Pujan/homam

•Mantra Ahutis for Deity each days

•Prasad Distribution (in your name)

•Some donations to needed people (in your name)

•Grass Feeding to Cows

•Dakshina or fees paid to pundits/Purohits

•After performing your Mantra Jaap we will send you Energized one

Six Mukhi Rudraksha in form of Prasadam. In India only (excluded one day puja)

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