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Showroom InteriorFree Vastu Tips for Showroom/Shop

In order to increase the sales in your Showroom it is highly essential for you to remove the vastu defects. Today more and more number of people is running after Vastu guidance to make their shop according to Vastu norms which is believed to bring success and overall peace and economic growth. A known and famous shop is identified by its name & goodwill which can be earned by proper construction of shop/showroom.

Vastu has some very special principles that would be followed for your shop or showroom. Taking the help of the vastu principles would surely give you benefits. The principles would also help you in earning the maximum amount of profits. Some great vastu rules for your shop and showroom are mentioned below.

Some of Many More Vastu tips for Showroom/Shops:

  •    Plot or site of shop must be in regular shape such as rectangular or square and avoid irregular or cut property.   Irregular shaped showrooms are likely to cause loss to business.
  •    Owner of shop must sit according to Vastu and ideally South or West is best so that he/she must face East or North.
  •    There must always be a solid wall behind the owner’s seat.
  •    Entrance of shop is recommended in East or North.
  •    Every morning, after opening the shop, prayers should be offered to God by lighting a lamp and burning incense sticks.
  •    Auspicious symbols of Swastik should always be displayed in the shop. The words ‘Shubh-Labh’ and ‘Riddhi-Siddhi’ should be written on one of the walls inside the shop.
  •    Daily use ‘Loban or Gugal’ smoke in Shop.
  •    There should be no slope towards the entrance of the shop, as it is deemed inauspicious. It makes profits inconsistent.
  •    Cash counter must be installed somewhere so that counter should open towards North the quadrant of Kuber the Lord of Wealth. And while locker or cash room should be constructed towards South-west opening in North Ensure that the cash box is never empty.
  •    There should be no open drain in front of the shop, as it causes loss of wealth.
  •    You can keep the heavy items in the South-West side of the shop.
  •    The North-east corner should never be cluttered, as it is the sacred space of the shop. It should always be kept empty and clean.
  •    All the doors should open inside so that the energy may remain inside.
  •    The doors should open towards right hand.
  •    Shop floor should clean with Salt water almost daily. (Except Sunday)

Take care of the following points while studying about the vastu of the Shops. Vastu consultation of Shops involves a thorough analysis.

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