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It means Pujan, Mantra Japam & Havan to Deity for you from your Sankalpa : Puja has been developed on special request by people who deeply have faith in the almighty, we arrange specific Anushthan, Pujan & Havan/Homam. (This work will do with utmost carefulness by our learned Pandits/Purohits). These …

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The Holy Rudraksha beads from Himalayan regions of India and Nepal and also in Indonesia are known as the Tears of Lord Shiva. It is available in four colors. Thousands of years the highly auspicious Rudraksha have been strung on Malas and used in the practice of Japa. The Rudraksha …

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Remedial Astrology

Gem Consultancy There are several methods of choosing the right gemstones. First find the key planets that will control an individual’s life and then see their position in the chart/Sub chart. Which planet important to us for desire result and favorably placed, should wear the gemstone of that planet.  Performing …

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