Gauri Shankar Pujan/Jaap

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Marriage Related Puja/ Anushtahn (for Early Marriage)


Package 1 Includes: 36000 Mantra Jaap and Homam

Package 2 Includes: 125000 Mantra Jaap and Homam



Gauri Shankar Puja is the powerful remedies for reduced various obstacles that delay marriage. This puja is regarded the best solution for early Marriage, happy married life, and suitable life partner. It boosts marriage prospects and helps get a desirable and suitable life partner for marital happiness and success, eligible bride or groom is blessed with suitable spouse. It also enhances the chances of getting married to the person you love. It encourage harmony in family life.

Goddess Gauri (another name of Maa Parvati) and Lord Shiv (Shankar) are considered to be the best couple of all deity couples. One who with pure heart prays to Lord Shankar and Maa Gauri get their blessing to get married to one they love and also for happy marital life. Worshipers can also kept Vivah Badha Mukti Yantra in your worship place.


Benefits of Gauri Shankar Puja: (why we do Gauri Shankar Puja)?

• This pujan removes obstacles in getting married or in marriage life.

• This pujan brings peace to the lives of married couples.

• This puja empowers in finding the perfect Spouse.

• This Puja also enhances the chances of getting married to the person you love.

• Various obstacles that delay marriage are reduced.

• Encourages harmony and enhances bliss in married couple’s life.


This pujan includes Mantra Jaap and Homam Gauri-Shankar, It is specifically done in your Name with your Sankalpa and your wish.


Pujan/Anushthan Highlights:

•Muhurat Calculation for Anushthan

•Puja Materials used in Pujan for lord/deityHavan Image Final 3

•Personalized Pujan/homam

•Mantra Ahutis for Deity each days

•Prasad Distribution (in your name)

•Some donations to needed people (in your name)

•Grass Feeding to Cows

•Dakshina or fees paid to pundits/Purohits

•After performing your Mantra Jaap we will send you Energized one

Six Mukhi Rudraksha in form of Prasadam. In India only

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