Chirmi Beads Gunja


Very Lucky Charm Beads

RED CHIRMI BEADS (21 Beads) + WHITE GUNJA BEADS (21 Beads) + BLACK GUNJA BEADS (21 Bedas) = Total 63 Pc.


Chirmi Beads Gunja – Chirmi beads are found growing in the forests of Aravali Hills in India. They symbolize Goddess Lakshmi and it is said that the wearer is blessed with wealth and prosperity. They are believed to be hundreds of years old. It is said that the bead selects its owner and will never stay with an unlucky person. The Chirmi beads are used to ward off evil and removal of black magic effects, bring good luck and ward off physical harm. Chirmi beads are considered very lucky from ancient times. It is kept in lockers, money boxes or purses. Chirmi beads come in White, Red and Black color representing Maa Saraswati, Maa Mahalakshmi and Maa Kali. These are considered very powerful in Hinduism.

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