Sade-Sati Query

Sade Sati is not always of 7 years and 6 months long, it’s all depends on motion of Saturn (slow, fast, direct and retrograde etc.) over 12th, 1st and 2nd from natal Moon. It’s average run seven and half years. Thus it is called the Sade-Sati i.e. period of seven and half years. Now the question about whether the pivotal sign should either be Natal Moon or Lagna? But there are various opinion on it. e.g. In SA (system approach) transit is reckoned from natal lagna. Whereas some experts not only take Natal Moon but also consider Natal Lagna for delin eating transit effects. Thus transit of Saturn behind, over and ahead of Lagna is assmused identical to Sade Sati. In my humble opinion, transit should be reckoned from Moon, Lagna and Sun as well *(if we want to judge 3-dimentional flow of cosmic energy) *. As without this trinity (Lagna=Body, Moon=Mind and Sun=Soul), no picture can be completed. Where the Transit from Natal Moon, yields general and apprent effects, i.e. What you feel? These results are very clear, and easily perceptible. Transit from Lagna shows results on physical plane, i.e. limited to your physical self and generally, not perceptible by others instead they exist. When the transit from Sun reveals inner and spiritual conditions affected by planets in gochar. The results from Sun are quite deeper and cannot cast an impact on external pattern of life.

The profundity of transitary effects are directly propotional to Ashtaka Varga (A.V). Thus without A.V. gochar can not be fully judge at all. Another important fearture is vedh and latta.

  1. If the Natal Moon is subjected to Kemudrama Yoga (formed when Moon is not flanked by any planet, excluding Sun and nodes) without cancellation then Sade-Sati yields adverse result.
  2. The effect of Sade Sati is inversely proportional to strength of Saturn in natal chart. That is, if Saturn is strong in natal chart then Sade Sati can’t hit native, otherwise vice-versa holds good.
  3. If Moon is into sign of Venus, i.e. either in Taurus or Libra (because for Venusians signs Saturn becomes Yoga-Karaka) then Sade Sati would also not very harmful.
  4. If Moon is enjoyed by Shubha Adi Yoga (flanked by natural benefices) or Shubha Dhurdhura Yoga (benefices in 6th, 7th and 8th) then also Sade Sati does not lead to maleficent.
  5. If there is powerful planet in 10th from Moon in natal chart, then the 1st phase of Sade Sati (i.e. Saturn’s transit in 12th) can’t be bad, similarly if there is strong benefic in 7th from Moon the 2nd phase of Sade Sati (i.e. in 1st) cannot be bad, and if there is strong supporting planet in 4th from Moon then the last phase of Sade Sati wont feels adverse.
  6. The Sani-Paya (leg of Saturn; Silver, Gold, Copper and Iron; beneficent effects respectively) are also seemed a parameter to alter the intensity of Sade Sati.
  7. The result of Sade Sati is altered according to the strength of Natal Moon, if Moon is afflicted due to association of Rahu or Mars, combustion, or get lesser bindus in A.V.
  8. Finally the Dasanath may change the intensity of Sade Sati, e.g. a powerful dasanath (especially strong yoga-karaka) curtails the bad effect.
  9. Sade Sati does not hit elder peoples (as Saturn is naturally eldest graha). In old age they generally bring forth diseases.
  10. If first Sade sati was bad then second will not so worst.

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