Margaj Ganesh

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Margaj Ganesha Cherish your joy and luck on any joyous festivity with this magnificently Green Margaj Ganesha Idol. This Idol is made by Margaj – Jade. This is a special stone which is very loving to Lord Ganesha. It is substitute of Panna or Emerald.


Margaj Ganesha idol is worshipped to sharpen intellect and enhance health & wealth along with educational success. It is very useful for those children who have apathy in study and do not take interest in studies. It’s also beneficially for relieving mental tension and agony. It helps to overcome hurdles. If the planet Mercury is afflicted in horoscope in that case in order to give power to this planet one should worship this green color Margaj Ganesha idol. It shall prove highly auspicious to worship it if Mercury becomes the lord of your lagna or house of destiny in your horoscope. This Margaj Ganesha also is beneficially for businessmen, professionals, artists, entrepreneurs and people involved in creative activities.


Those who worship this Margaj Ganesha regularly bring success, progress, prosperity, wealth & confidence and remove all the obstacles from their life.


Mantra: “Om Shreem Hreem Kleem Gloum Gan Ganapataye Namah”


You can keep this “MARGAJ GANESHA” at Study table, worship place or office & working place.

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