Shiv Parvati Pujan/Jaap

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Shiv Parvati Pujan – Married Life Related Problem (for Peaceful Life – Shukhi Dampatya Jiwan)


Occasionally One Day Puja: Mantra Jaap and Homam

Package 1 Includes: 36000 Mantra Jaap and Homam
Package 2 Includes: 54000 Mantra Jaap and Homam
Package 3 Includes: 125000 Mantra Jaap and Homam



Shiv Parvati Pujan is for long and happy married life. Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva are considered to be the perfect match i.e. Shiv and Shakti.
Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiv (Shankar) are considered to be the best couple of all deity couples. One who with pure heart prays to Lord Shankar and Maa Gauri get their blessing to get married to one they love and also for happy marital life. For best and fastest result wear Gauri Shankar Rudraksha with full devotion.

Performing this Puja at least once in a year will give prosperity, health, wealth and peace of mind to the individual.


Shiv Parvati  Pujan is considered to be best for marital happiness and blissful life.
If there is any discord in the relationship, bickering in marital life, misunderstandings and other types of marital problems you can take the blessings of Lord Shiv and Maa Parvati to resolve the problems in married life.



This pujan includes Mantra Jaap and Homam Shiva Parvati, It is specifically done in your Name with your Sankalpa and your wish.


Benefits of Shiv Parvati Pujan:

•This Puja is considered to be the best for marital happiness.

•This puja helps remove delays in the marriage.

•This puja empowers in finding the perfect Spouse.

•Perform this puja for long and happy married life.

•This puja begets you the boons of positive vibration in your mind, body, and soul.

•Reduce our sins, and fulfilling of desires.



Pujan/Anushthan Highlights:

•Muhurat Calculation for Anushthan

•Puja Materials used in Pujan for lord/deityHavan Image Final 3

•Personalized Pujan/homam

•Mantra Ahutis for Deity each days

•Prasad Distribution (in your name)

•Some donations to needed people (in your name)

•Grass Feeding to Cows

•Dakshina or fees paid to pundits/Purohits

•After performing your Mantra Jaap we will send you Energized one

Six Mukhi Rudraksha in form of Prasadam. In India only (excluded one day puja)

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