Ekakshi Nariyal One Eye Coconut


Ekakshi Nariyal


Ekakshi Nariyal – Ekakshi means one eyed, Generally a coconut has three black spots which are consider as two eyes and one mouth but out of millions you will find one coconut which consist of one eye and one mouth hence they are consider as very auspicious “Samagri”. Ekakshi Nariyal brings fortune if worshiping and kept in Homes, Offices, Cash box and Lockers to enhance the financial status and brings wealth. This type of coconut is found very rarely and thus has great importance. It is offered to the deity with coin and applying sandal on it on auspicious occasions. A businessman can fulfill his desires and attain great success by keeping an Ekakshi coconut in his cash box or treasury, tied in a red piece of cloth. It helps a man to earn wealth and prosperity. It has been considered to be the best to have the blessings and benediction of the God. Thus it is very much distinctive. It is believed to bring luck and is used in spiritual and Tantrik rituals.

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