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Remedial Astrology

Gem Consultancy

Free Gemstone SuggestionThere are several methods of choosing the right gemstones. First find the key planets that will control an individual’s life and then see their position in the chart/Sub chart. Which planet important to us for desire result and favorably placed, should wear the gemstone of that planet.  Performing remedial measures and wearing gem for a particularly planet helps increase the positive aspects of the planet in the horoscope.

The proper gemstone can only be suggested after studying your birth chart. We analyze your Kundli for auspicious and inauspicious yog too, which affect your Horoscope a lot. So wear only perfect gemstone in right finger to get desire results & resolve your problems and much beneficially to you.

Note: If you want to know which gemstone is needed as per your horoscope then confirms us by sending your complete Birth Details by e-mail or contact us.

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Direct Consultation with Astrologer by Phone Consultancy

Welcome to  Grah Nakshatra Phone Consultancy  section. If you have any questions and query in your mind you wish to directly connect with our astrologer over the Phone Consultation.

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Most trusted and experienced Astrologer Shri SOORAJ MAHESHWARI with over a decade of experience in Chart Analysis and one of the most renowned, experienced and known Vedic vastu & astrology expert of occult Science's is much probable to resolve all of your {Family, Business, Service, Education, Litigation, Property & Vehicle Purchase, Health, Travel, Annual Predications, Kundali Matching, Career & Financial prospects, Marriage/Romance/Divorce, Children, and Longevity} problems through SPIRITUAL POWERS and powerful remedies of NAVGRAH.

His aim is to provide all round satisfaction and affordable remedy to the persons, approaching him, in their utter grief and ambition to achieve much awaited success.


Vedic Puja Remedies

Puja - Worship & Devotion to Supreme Lord

You can get performed the Vedic pujas to get the blessings of the Gods and Goddess. These Pujas are traditionally done in temples by residing priests trained in the exact science of puja including the precise details of auspicious times to do certain pujas, which mantras to chant, etc. and have been highly beneficial, Because Mantra Japam reduce many obstacles in life.

Puja forms a bridge between the worshipper /devotee and the lord/deity. It helps and eases the flow of love-energy in between the two. Thus both the worshipped and the worshipper benefit from Puja. The benefit of this type of Puja is to remove obstacles.

Meaning of PUJA:

Puja - act of Devotions & Spirituality

You can ask Free Puja Suggestions for us, which puja is Best for you. Free Puja Suggestions has been developed on special request by people who deeply have faith in the Supreme Lord. These puja suggestions cover the need of people who wish to reduce the obstacles which they are facing in their life.

Know which puja is best for you contact us by mail or call.

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Energized Locket Kavach

Kavach remedy is the most helpful and beneficial to wearer according to planetary position in there horoscope for remove many types of obstacles.

There are different types of kavach for different purposes. They can help you to attain success in business, health, wealth and prosperity. The important thing is to do them religiously and have faith.


IMPORTANT:  Kavach’s are pre Energised with your Name and Gotra by special mantras to give you proper and effective result. Abhimantrit or Energizing Kavach is most important process in Kavach remedy. This work is done with utmost care & purity. We are here only helping you to know which kavach are going to be beneficial for you for the specific purposes.


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Wear Rudrakshas for good health and increase self empowerment and fearless life on the path to enlightenment and liberation. Rudraksha do have spiritual and healing remedial properties. Different types of Rudrakshas are associated with different Gods and Goddesses according to our Scriptures. Wearing the specific Rudraksha while doing the Pooja or japa of the deity increases the results and also gives better devotion/affinity for that deity.


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Energized Yantra

Yantra is a sanskrit word which means an 'instrument' an ‘apparatus’. Vedic astrology has given great importance to yantra as a astrological remedy. Yantra are considered to be the supreme personification of deities. A Yantra is essential in every field of your life, to attain success in your profession, to acquire wealth, to win in court cases, to ward off diseases and to progress in meditation. By having a Yantra and keeping it in a sacred place in your house, gazing it every day can fulfill your desires and help in attaining your goals.

There are different types of Yantras for different purposes. They can help you to attain success in your business, bring the person under your control, and bring wealth and prosperity to you. The Yantras have to be purified and energized before using it.

Faith & Astha is more important in any Spiritual remedy.

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Get try our best energized yantra remedies.


Remedial Mantras

Vedic mantras bring us prosperity and inner peace in our life. Reciting mantras is the best remedy for won many problems and deficit many types of un-necessary issues and obstacles in our life. There are many mantras that are available on our website for remedial purpose.

You can know about them, which mantra is best for you for specific purpose you can get the suggestions from us.


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