12 Mukhi Rudraksha


12 Mukhi Rudraksha (One Pc.)

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||Om Tatpurushaay Vidmahe Mahadevaay Dheemahi, Tanno Rudrah Prachodayaat ||


12 Mukhi (face) Rudraksha 

images1 112 Mukhi Rudraksha symbolises lord Aditya. Wearer can enjoys wealth and happiness & free all sins. It helps achieve goals, attain powerful positions. Sun god is always kind to the wearer of this Rudraksh (Rudraksha), such a person always enjoys wealth, prosperity and worldly pleasures. All twelve ADITYAS are said to be having their abodes in each of twelve faces. Such is person is protected again. All kinds of arms and weapons and he does not come to any harm through fire. He is free from diseases and sickness. He enjoys great wealth and happiness. He becomes free of all the sins.
The effects of this Rudraksh (Rudraksha) are similar to those of the one mukhi. It helps realize dreams and achieve goals. Should be worn by people they want to attain influential and powerful positions. It is an extremely blessed bead and provides protection against many evils and perils. The bead is said to increase your charisma and charms.It is a divine incarnation lord Vishnu and is rarely found. For vitality and an attractive personality one has to wear it lifelong. It is also representative of the Sun.


Before wearing the rosary of this Rudraksh (Rudraksha), the following mantra should be recited 1008 times, while keeping the rosary in hands. Only after reciting the mantras, the rosary should be worn.

|| Shreem Suryay Namah, OM KROM SRHOM NAMAH ||

Our all Rudrakshas are good quality beads and guaranteed genuine Rudrakshas. A Rudraksha worn as a remedy, is for life time, hence we don’t compromise with quality. Your products will be sent by courier normally within 7 days after receiving the payment. In some cases where the product is out of stock, it may take up to 15 days to courier.

Because these all are natural beads & there will be some variations in size, colour and shape etc. and they cannot match to each other.

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