Sri Sampurn Navgrah Yantra


Sampurn Navgrah Yantra represents all 9 planets. Worshipers get benefits in all directions & every sphere of their lives. Removes all kinds of obstacles

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Sri Sampurn Navgrah Yantra represents all the 9 planets. Worshipers of this Mahayantra is get benefits in all directions and every sphere of their lives. It Removes all kinds of obstacles in life or ill effects of 9 planet.


Graha is a “cosmic marker of influence” on the living being of mother earth (Bhumidevi or Prithvi). In Hindu Vedic Astrology, the Navgrah (Nine planets or nine realms) are some of the major markers that point out the karmic influence on the behavior of the living beings.

“Nav” or “Nava” means “NINE” Graha is sometimes translated as “planet”. The Navgrah Yantra is one of the supreme and most significant astrological Yantra for being a single Yantra for all the nine planets in Indian astrology. It is the most powerful among all other astrological Yantras for carrying the powers of all nine planets together at one center and so on it bestows the benefits of all nine planets to the worshiper. The Navgrah Yantra can be adopted by anyone around as no astrological consultancy is required here and as a deep believe, everyone should keep it at home in altar and include it in their daily ritual routine. In further articulation, keeping all the planets happy and pleased will definitely bring all the goodness and positive shades to the individual as they are the makers of our life path. The Navgrah Yantra comprises nine squares or cones or segmentation as each representing one planet and altogether expressing the divine potency of planets for providing all the positive reflection of celestial bodies to the natives of land. This Yantra is very beneficial for vanishing the malefic effects of planets and for enhancing the strength of well placed planets in horoscope chart.

In the end, worshiping Navagrah Yantra would bestow many good impacts upon life path besides reducing all the negative planetary influences and enhancing positive impacts upon individual’s life.

The Sampurn Navgrah Yantra is recommended for all individuals whose birth charts indicate negative positioning of planets within the horoscope that can afflict one’s health, prosperity and peace of mind. Lifelong worship of the Navgrah Yantra maximizes advantages from planetary influences.


IMPORTANT: Yantra’s are pre Energised with your Name and Gotra by special mantras to give you proper and effective result. Abhimantrit or Energizing Yantra is most important process in Yantra remedy. This work is done with utmost care & purity. We are here only helping you to know which yantras are going to be beneficial for you for the specific purposes.

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Gold Plated Siddh Yantra Size 6*6 inches
Dimension with frame: 9*9 inches


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