Mars: Red Coral (Moonga)

Coral gemstone is also known as Moonga. Mars represents native's bravery, patience, tolerance, spirit, steadiness, anger, lies, distinguished, jealousy, protectiveness and excitements etc. Mars is the commander in chief of the nine planets and considered as the god of war. It helps stimulate courage, energy, insight and ability to win over opponents. Red coral improves the muscular structure and functioning of bone marrow. Besides, it also removes the effects of tantra and evil spirits. This is ideal stone for soldiers, policeman, and player's etc.Weakness is shown by lack of motivation, laziness, fear, passiveness, or inability to control their passions and/or temper. If people used it, then care should be taken for it's quality.

Mars is the lord of sign Aries and Scorpio in Indian Astrology. Red coral is especially good for Aries, Scorpio, Cancer and Leo Ascendants.

General Characteristics of Red Coral (Moonga):

Planet Mars (Mangal)
Sign(Rashi) Aries(Mesha), Scorpio(Vrishchik)
Color of the Coral Red or Pinkish White
Diseases Cured by Coral Heat stroke, Headache, High Fever, Pregnancy problems, Block defects, Piles, Itching, Bones Problems etc.

We at study the horoscope thoroughly and do the necessary calculations up to the sub lord level (the further sub division of the Nakshatra) and arrive to the best conclusion for an individual horoscope. The stone must 'arouse' the qualities that a person needs to become success.

The following details are required by us
your Date of Birth 
Time of Birth 
Place of Birth 
There is particular procedure to be followed while wearing a gem stone

We provide high quality Lab tested Gemstone as per your requirements.

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