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Love and Marriage Astrology: In present scenario, marriage is one of the very big decisions of life. But believe it or not, it’s compulsory for everyone. Many times there are many unwanted hurdles which comes across the marriage, which makes parents and youngsters worried about their married LIFE. But at the time of marriage there are many questions in our mind? A horoscope contains various dashas which makes hurdles inspite of getting good prospects and due to which any person whether male or female, the marriage life’s precious time is missed….They also often fail because of external constraints or by some destiny wish also. He/She works very hard to make it favorable but the age just gets more and more and no one gets the right proposal. People work too much for the solutions but the problems remain unsolved… Our expert astrologer could help you for all your favorable aspects…. Because Marriage is AN association of couples LOVE, ROMANCE, AFFECTION, SHARING, ADJUSTMENTS, SACRIFICES and RELATIONSHIP of two Families.

Sometimes very unfavorable YOGAS creating many problems in persons horoscope for delayed marriage hurdles such as; Kaal Sarp Dosh, Vastu Dosh (In house), Pitra Dosh, Manglik Dosh and many more….dosh..

Love Marriage Astrology

Do you worry on issues like?


• First Know you are Manglik or not?
• Know the best period for getting married.
• Know you will have love marriage or arrange marriage?
• How will be my married life?
• Know all about your Marriage, Romance and Love affairs.
• Uncertain whether to make a commitment or not?
• Know Whether you will get married to the person of your choice?
• Why am I facing delays in getting married? And much more…?

Along with the origin of world, Marriage Sanskar is connected with it……
In present scenario, after marriage many couples have problems in their married life and this matter is increasing day by day, but why? This matter is a very crucial problem in many houses like a disease. Think about this subject?

   If You Are MARRIED

• Problems in your married life or Relations?
• Facing Ups and down in married life?
• How to maintain the strong bonding in married life?
• Can’t enjoy happy & romantic married life. And much more…?

So you need to tell us, where the problem lies, and what conclusion you need. You could also ask any specific queries related to your married life. Which is not mentioned here? We suggest you with proper guidance and appropriate remedial solutions to improve your married/love life. We analyze your horoscope with deep caution and suggest unique safe remedies accordingly to get the desired results.

We will attempt our best suggesting way to answer your queries to get the maximum benefits for you with the spiritual/divine powers of astrology, navgrah & vastu. 

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Marriage report is organized from the details provide by you i.e. Birth Date, Time & Birth Place.
Love/Marriage astrology with Predictions & Remedial Report sent by E-mail (within 5 Working Days).
Personalized and manually prepared by our Astrologer.

 This report will include general trend and scope, good or bad time periods. The predictions are given analyzing mahadasha, anterdasha, yogas and the main planetary transits; it’s not a month by month report.

Get Marriage Forecast

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 If any queries related Marriage Report within 15 days, will be answered free of cost.

Note: A Vedic Astrological horoscope is the opinion of one person based on his or her training and experience in Vedic Astrology. Another Astrologer’s opinion on any particular point might differ.

Remedial Solutions for Marriage/Married life/Love and Relationship

Best Pujas & Yantra for Marriage/Married life/Love and RelationshipThe power of Suggestion Banner

  • Marriage/Love Related Pujan/ Anushtahn (for Early Marriage) Depend on your Chart
  1. Maa Katayani Anushthan/Pujan (for early Marriage)
  2. Mangal Dosh Nivaran Pujan (for Manglik)
  3.  Gauri Shankar Pujan/Anushthan
  4. Venus (Shukra grah) Jaap/Puja for Boys
  5.  Brihispati (Guru grah) Jaap/Puja for Girls
  • Married Life Related Pujan (for Peaceful Marriage Life – Shukhi Dampatya Jiwan)

  1. Sri Maa Durga Anushthan/Pujan
  2. Shiv Parvati Pujan/Anushthan
  • Marriage/Love Related Yantra
  1. Vivah Badha Nivaran yantra
  2. Shukra Yantra
  3. Guru(Jupitor) Yantra

Kavach For: Removing difficulties, destroying enemies, stopping bad dreams, health, wealth, good luck & own protection to ward off miscellaneous problems.

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