12 Rashi

Mesha – Aries, Planet – Mangal (Mars)

mesha image.grahnakshatra

Native born with Aries sign (Mesha Rashi) possess qualities of having little bit dark complexion. They have brownish eyes. They are of medium height. They possess strong body. Such People are clever and solitary by nature. They possess smiling face. They are brisk walker. Such people are little angry and …

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Vrishabha – Taurus, Planet – Shukra (Venus)

vrishbha image.grahnakshatra

Native born with Taurus sign (Vrishabha Rashi) possess qualities such as charming physique with medium height, sparkling teeth and fair complexion. They should have attractive face, beautiful eyes. They should mostly have round face and curly hair. Such People could never lose temper. They don’t care for repercussions. They don’t …

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Mithuna – Gemini, Planet – Bhudh (Mercury)

gemini image.grahnakshatra

Native born with Gemini sign (Mithuna Rashi) could possess qualities like small face, pointed chin, thin physique and medium complexion. They should possess dual nature. They have effective personality. They could intelligent and their human nature should versatile, imaginative and very thoughtful nature. Such people possess dark eyes, thin hair. …

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Karka Rashi – Cancer, Planet – Chandra (Moon)

cancer image.grahnakshatra

Native's born with Cancer or Karka Rashi have qualities like round face and long organs of body. These People can love occult science. They also love fine arts like drama, music, acting etc. These people are sensitive, conservative, introvert. These People are sympathetic, energetic and imaginative. They usually live outside …

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Simha – Leo, Planet – Surya (Sun)

leo image.grahnakshatra

Native born with Leo sign or Simha Rashi possess qualities like reddish complexion, strong bones, broad forehead, beautiful eyes and big nose. They are very courageous. They are tall in height. They have powerful physique and broad chest. They possess impressive and commanding personality. They are born with leadership qualities. …

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Kanya – Virgo, Planet – Bhudh (Mercury)

virgo image.grahnakshatra

Native born with Virgo or Kanya sign have qualities such as observant, patient, sensible, studious, soft spoken, and logical. They are shy and sensitive. They have smiling nature. They are very practical, intelligent. They are lazy and lethargic by nature. They have shrill voice. They sometimes lose luster of body. …

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Tula – Libra, Planet – Shukra (Venus)

libra image.grahnakshatra

Native born with Libra or Tula sign has qualities such as thick nose but attractive, usually thin and tall. They are logical with their nature. They are sensitive, gentle, critical, and good in perception. They are very charming and easily mixing with people. These people are pious and spiritual. They …

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Vrishchika – Scorpio, Planet – Mangal (Mars)

scorpio image.grahnakshatra

Native born with Scorpio or Vrishchika sign have qualities such as fair complexion, medium height. They are quite serious in nature. They have blend of jealousy. They are very trustworthy, honest, truthful and sincere. They are short tempered. They are self-confident and courageous. Such people are successful in business. They …

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Dhanu – Sagittarius, Planet – Brihaspati (Jupiter)

dhanu image.grahnakshatra

Native born with Sagittarius or Dhanu sign has qualities such as long face and body. They are the man of principle, religion. They are center of their families, earning for all. Such people have great potentials. They have happy and lucky attitude towards life. They are logical, leaders. They usually …

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Makara – Capricorn, Planet – Shani (Saturn)

makara image.grahnakshatra

Native born with Capricorn or Makara sign have qualities like hard hair, strong bones, thin body and long-neck. They are stable and serious in nature. They set high standards for themselves. Their private and social lives are different. They are critical in nature and do not spare themselves in criticism. …

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