Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra

Male Natives born under Uttara ashadha Nakshatra

Physical features: Well proportioned bodies are broad head, tall figure, Long nose, bright eyes and slim figure. Charming and graceful appearance with fair complexion.

Character and general events: They will be refined, soft spoken, polite, pure heart and an innocent looking countenance. In case he happens to occupy a very high position in the society, he will not like to express pomp and show and will dress like a simple-ton. He gives respect to all and particularly women folk. They are god fearing. It is not easy for others to find out the underlying merits and demerits. It is only after several acquaintances and dealing one can come to a conclusion about the behavioral aspect of this native. In most of the cases, it has been noticed that there will be black mole around his waist or on the face. A slight reddish color is noticed in his eyes.

Female Natives born under Uttara ashadha Nakshatra
Females born in this Nakshatra will also enjoy more or less the same results mentioned above in the case of male natives. In addition, the following results will be enjoyed:

Physical features: Her forehead will be much wider, nose larger, eyes attractive, teeth beautiful, perfect figure and body stout but not so beautiful hair.

Character and general events: One of the worst qualities of these females is that they are the ‘obstinate dare devil’. Her utterances are not well thought, whereas she jumps into conflict with others. This category of females very well fit to the proverb “There are two horns for the rabbits I have got “. In spite of this disadvantage she would like to lead a very simple life. She loves to fight with others.

Compatibility and Incompatibility: They usually have a happy married life and helpful partners. They love their partners a lot. The nakshatras that are compatible to the natives are Hasta, Bharini, Revati, Uttarabhadra and Rohini while the incompatible one is Ashlesha.


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