Ashwini Nakshatra

Ashwini Nakshatra

Physical features: Male born with moon in ‘Ashwini Nakshatra’ will have a wonderful countenance. His eyes will be bright and big & forehead broad and nose a little bigger.

Character and general events:The native may appear to be very calm and quiet, but capable of getting his work done un-noticed and is more predominant in the case of native born during the period from April 14th to April 28th, when the sun will be transiting his exaltation place in ‘Ashwini ‘and from October 14th to October 28th, when the sun will be transiting his debilitation place in ‘Swati’. There is a saying that even Yama, the God of Death, cannot change his adamant attitude. Those born in the ‘Ashwini’ of other months will have stubbornness in a very less degree.

Female Natives Females born in this Nakshatra will have more or less the same common results as mentioned in the case of male natives. In addition, she will have the following results:

Physical features: Eyes will bright and small resemble to that of a fish. She has beautiful and magnetic look.

Character and general events: She has the technique of bringing anybody near to her with her sweet speech. She maintains utmost patience. She is pure heart. Even while living in the modern society she maintains the age old tradition of respecting elders.

Compatibility and Incompatibility: Natives born under ‘Aswini Nakshatra’ are most compatible to natives born under ‘Shatabisha Nakshatra’. ‘Hasta ‘and ‘Swathi ‘are incompatible to ‘Aswini nakshatra’.


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