Shukra Yantra


Kavach for Love, Romance, Luxury, Emotional Attachments, Media, Films, TV Serials & Music Related Persons

Planet of Love – Romance – Marriage – Luxury – Money

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Shukra – Venus is the signification of marriage, it boosts marriage prospects and helps get a desirable and suitable life partner. For marital happiness and success too, this Yantra should be used. It is also useful for getting married and finding the right and suitable match.Venus is the planet of beauty and luxury (jewelry, paintings, expensive cars), good food and drink, a beautiful home and a sense of refinement all please Venus’s interests. Where the Shukra is very strong the person is good looking and always lives in a luxurious environment. Shukra / Venus yantra wipes out bad influences of planet Venus and renders good results. When Venus is malefic or debilitated in horoscope the use of this yantra is most beneficial. For improvements in love affair, married life, cooperation from opposite sex, luxuries this Yantra is ideal. The persons connected with Film world, Media, TV Serial & Music Related, Directors and Producers must derive benefits from it. It bestows respect, love of opposite sex and peace of mind. By wearing this locket kavach one’s health becomes perfect and one attains longevity. For betterment in love matters, conjugal life, assistance from opposite sex, luxuries etc. Shukra yantra is fruitful. This yantra helps to improve all the things regarding pleasure – love, romance and harmony in our emotional attachments, marriages, friendships and other unions.
For better looks and for improved living conditions one should worship this yantra. Venus governs the romance beauty passion sexual pleasure fine arts music poetry dance. Physically it is related with eyes, throat, chin, kidney and the reproductive system. Venus governs the youth stage of life. Its influence on women is slightly different that on men. Venus is a friend of mercury and Saturn. Sun, moon and Jupiter are the enemies. Mars is neutral. Venus makes their natives active sensuous, passionate nature, attractive bodies, soft spoken loving, courteous, playful, emotional, happy and graceful personalities. Venus also rules gambling and business. Venus rules over number 6 in Vedic numerology. Rajsaik in nature, Venus belong s to Brahmin caste. Its metal is silver, gemstone is diamond, the day is Friday, color is white, and direction is south east respectively. Venus is also associated with mantras and aryuvedic medicine, tantra, the casting of spells, hypnotism, mesmerism, and alchemy.


In the end, it provides the blessings of Goddess Durga and Mahalakshmi to the devotee through Shukra Yantra. It should be Placed on Friday at the time of rising moon and should be paid all the rituals to attain all the positive reflections.


Mantra : –

“ Om! Dram Dreem Droom Sah Shukraye Namah ”

“ Om Shum Shukraye Namah ”

“ Om Aeng Kleem Shubhgunaye Namah ”



IMPORTANT: Yantra’s are pre Energised with your Name and Gotra by special mantras to give you proper and effective result. Abhimantrit or Energizing Yantra is most important process in Yantra remedy. This work is done with utmost care & purity. We are here only helping you to know which yantras are going to be beneficial for you for the specific purposes.

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Gold Plated Siddh Yantra Size 4*4 inches
Dimension with frame: 7*7 inches


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