Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra

Male Natives born under Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra
Physical features: Most attractive and innocent looking person. Strong features. There is an inherent magnetically force in his look. If he looks at a person with a mild smile, rest assure, that person will be his slave.

Character and general events: The arena of Purva bhadra Nakshatra expresses burns and aggression besides pain, obstacles and miseries which emerges along with cruelty, callousness, covetousness, restlessness and anger as leading towards the absence of peace and unsatisfied ambition. The natives of this Nakshatra are believed to be the people of righteous approach who would only think of good for everyone as they carry a humanitarian attitude. They are innocent.
They are broad minded individuals who are perceived to be learned personalities carrying sincere and determined approach towards life while on the other part they are intellectual and sharp minded besides being endowed with attributes to pursue all jobs in best form. They are spiritual beings and deeply believe upon divine presence but they are not blind followers of all pious words as they are practical enough to differentiate between the right and wrong.
The natives of Purva bhadrapada Nakshatra are perceived to be involved in the sectors of government, banking, education, writing, acting, research, business, astrology, gemology, astronomy or some sort of collection department.
Family portrait: The male natives of Purva bhadrapada Nakshatra arena are believed to lack at the side of mother love as they would be made to lead life in the absence of their mother for most of the times due to variant reasons as either because of mother being working or native made to stay away. He may get love from father.
Health: The natives of Purva bhadrapada Nakshatra are perceived to confront some health hurdles as well because of which they are believed to be prone to paralytic, diabetes and acidity besides which they could also have problems with ribs, flanks and soles of feet.

Female Natives born under purva bhadrapada nakshatra.
Character and general events: The natives of Purva bhadra Nakshatra are perceived to be handsome personalities who carry much dominance and impact in their appearance while in their medium sized body formation they are born with slightly lifted ankle of the feet along with broad cheeks and beautifully formed lips. Their features are wonderful. These people possess strong appealing appearance and are liked by many around.

Compatibility and Incompatibility: Purva bhadra Nakshatra are most compatible with Shravana Nakshatra and partially compatible to Uttarashada. Considering the norms of ‘Veda Dosha’ it is incompatible with Uttaraphalguni, Bharani and Revathi Nakshatras. 


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