Vrishabha – Taurus, Planet – Shukra (Venus)


Native born with Taurus sign (Vrishabha Rashi) possess qualities such as charming physique with medium height, sparkling teeth and fair complexion. They should have attractive face, beautiful eyes. They should mostly have round face and curly hair. Such People could never lose temper. They don’t care for repercussions. They don’t like advice of others. They are lovers in nature. They make friends easily. They have self-confidence.
Such People love music and adore jewellery, fine clothes. They acquire wealth and luxuries. These People love travelling. They have good power of digestion. They prone to cold, cough and diseases. Such people feel happy in every situation. This rashi comprises of the later three charans of Krittika, complete Rohini and the first two charans of Mrigshira Nakshatras.


Note: Please consult before wearing gemstones.

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