The 12 Rashi-Astrological Signs

The body of the universe consists of the 12 Rashis, which can be roughly translated as “astrological signs.” Each Rashi represents a part of the body. The nine Grahas or planets govern this universal body. The 12 Rashis are represented as 12 equal segments of a circle, each covering 30 degrees.The sequence of the 12 Rashis begins with Mesha as the first Rashi.

The 12 Rashi-Astrological Signs

In Vedic astrology language, your Ascendant sign rising sign dictates your personality, while your Moon sign, the second most important influence in your horoscope chart represents your emotions, your inner mood. Your Moon sign accurately assessed by a calculation of your full date, place and time of birth hour, minutes and seconds, when you are born. Since the moon moves into a different sign approx every 2 and 1/4  days. Moon is the fastest moving planer in the Zodiac. It goes the entire Zodiacal circle in 28 days, so predictions are much accurate with this. Here we called moon sign as a Zodiac. Ascendant sign and moon sign are both is very important in Vedic astrology.

Moon Signs – Their Characteristics and Effect

The Moon represents the more impressionist side and the inner feelings and emotions portraying us from within. It indicates how we express our nurturing instinct and the style of immediate emotional-feeling response to experiences. With an altogether mysterious side, Moon shows our hidden aspects.

This is also called your birth "Rashi". Your birth Star is the star through which Moon is passing at the time of your birth. Your Moon sign and birth star represent your mind, psychology and emotional stability The position of the transiting moon (moon current position) helps determine the general moods of people. The moon sign positions greatly influence the outcomes of events involving human interactions. When the Moon is in certain zodiac, the characteristics of that zodiac sign color the moon expression.

The moon rules over issues related to family and interaction among family members, social gatherings and general proceedings in the home environment. All the above incidents are greatly affected by moon sign position.

Classification of Moon Signs

Astrology Rashi Chart .grahnakshatra.comThe classification of Moon signs into specific groups considers their characteristics and the results they give. It also depends on the way they affect individuals depending on the ruling planet. The most common and well-known classification is the classification into four elements; Fire, Earth, Air and Water. Another popular classification is the modality and duality. Nature, gender, direction and behavior are other aspects used to categorize Zodiac signs. However, Movable, Fixed Signs and Flexibility of Moon Signs in Astrology, one of the most important classifications of the Zodiac, giving significant information critical to use in other aspects and divisions of astrology. This classification brings the peculiarities of each Zodiac sign ruled by the corresponding planets to understand human actions better.


Gunas in Hinduism

In Hinduism, Guna, a Sanskrit word, means a virtue, a quality, a peculiarity, an attribute or anything that describes the character of an individual. But, why Gunas to study the Zodiac signs? The Movable and Fixed Zodiac Signs category is based on the lines of the Gunas, namely:

  • Sattva representing goodness, constructive and harmonious attitude
  • Rajas describing the passionate, active or confused mindset
  • Tamas standing for darkness, destructive and chaotic aspects

Ruling Planet of Each Moon Sign

Every moon sign in astrology is affiliated with a specific planet that is considered its ruler. The ruling planet of a sign means the planet’s energies and its characteristics are the prime influences the sign. Any house of a sign in a cusp will also be directly affected by the sign’s ruling planet. Certain planets rule only one sign, while others rule two signs. Every ruling planet adds a distinct dimension to that particular moon sign’s qualities. Check out the list of moon signs and their ruling planets:

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1. Mesha—Aries
2. Vrishabha—Taurus
3. Mithuna—Gemini
4. Karka—Cancer
5. Simha—Leo
6. Kanya—Virgo
7. Tula—Libra
8. Vrishchika—Scorpio
9. Dhanu—Sagittarius
10. Makara—Capricorn
11. Kumbha—Aquarius
12. Meena—Pisces