Pushya Nakshatra

Male Natives born under Pushya Nakshatra

Physical features: It is very hard to define or describe the body structure or the look of Pushya born native, as there is no specific structure exclusively enjoyed by Pushya born. In other words, varying sizes are noticed. One rare sign, as a mark of identification noticed in these persons, is that there will be a distinguished mark, may be a scar or a black mole on their face.

Character and general events: : He is very weak going at heart. He finds it hard to reach at conclusion on any matter. He will have good knack of behavior but that behavior is only for the sake of selfish interest. This clearly indicates that his outward expression is hypocritical and against his consciousness i.e. the inner expression is negative and the outward expression is positive. Respecting others is unknown to him whereas expectation of respect is within him. He responds quickly to admiration and become quickly deflated by criticism, giving himself to love and affection with sincerity and appreciation, yet he is ever mindful of slights and he hesitate to form strong attachments.

Female Natives born under Pushya Nakshatra
Physical features: She has a short stature, moderate complexion, normal eyes, well-proportioned face and body, generally beautiful.

Character and general events:  She will not enjoy peaceful existence. She has a very amicable character and is peace-minded, very submissive to the elders but oppressed by all. She is sincere, calm, affectionate but moody. She is religious and god fearing, Respects elders. She is conservative, systematical and methodical action.

Compatibility and Incompatibility: Pushya Nakshatra is most compatible with Krittika Nakshatra- its feminine counterpart, ‘Hasta ‘and ‘Swathi ‘are also compatible to Pushya Nakshatra. However, birth stars such as Chitra, Dhanishta, Visakha and Poorvabhadrapada are non compatible to Pushya Nakshatra.


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