Meena – Pisces, Planet – Brihaspati (Jupiter)


Native born with Pisces or Meena Rashi have qualities such as dwarf-heighten, small parts of body, calm and cool by nature. These people have truthfulness, innocence, logical thinking. They have love for mankind. They are lazy by nature but versatile. These people are good writers. They easily trust people. They live a simple life.

They develop friendship with leading and popular people. They generally drink more water. They have easygoing nature. They are more emotional rather than rational. They have limited concentration and will power. They have commanding and impressive personality. They are sometimes idle and careless. They are sometimes dishonest in their dealings. They are afraid of sins. They have good speculative power. They earn large sums all of a sudden in life. They travel a lot and could have many children. This Rashi comprises of the last charan of Poorvabhadrapada, complete Uttara-bhadrapada and Revti Nakshatras.


Note: Please consult before wearing gemstones.


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