Makara – Capricorn, Planet – Shani (Saturn)


Native born with Capricorn or Makara sign have qualities like hard hair, strong bones, thin body and long-neck. They are stable and serious in nature. They set high standards for themselves. Their private and social lives are different. They are critical in nature and do not spare themselves in criticism. They work confidently. They could born in large families. They are not-sensitive, introverts and reserved in nature. They are highly ambitious and try to acquire higher status in life. Their will power is strong. They face rivalry and strong enmity in life. They rise in destiny at 32-33 of age. They are prone to allergies, hypertension and weak-back. This Rashi sign comprises of the first three charans of Uttarashad, Shravan complete and two charans of Dhanishta Nakshatras.


Note: Please consult before wearing gemstones.

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