Kumbha – Aquarius, Planet – Shani (Saturn)

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Native born with Aquarius or Kumbha Rashi have qualities such as fair complexion, height of the body is dwarf or medium, forehead is small and face less attractive. They are imaginative, serious and spiritual in nature. They are behaviorists, kind and helpful. They tend to hide their character. They are attracted to the opposite sex. They do not make friends easily. They are afraid of sins. They acquire friends of higher status and caliber. They are emotional and cannot see adversities of others.
These people prone to headaches, indigestion and stomach irregularities. They believe in religious values. They are attached to spouse and gentlemen. They travel for their livelihood. Such people have usually more than one source of income. They are tolerant, quick-witted, practical, intuitive and imaginative. They have inherited property but face litigation. This Rashi sign consists of last two charans of Dhanishta , Shatbhisha complete and the first three charans of Poorvabhadrapada Nakshatras.


Note: Please consult before wearing gemstones.

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