How to work out Numerology


The symbolic meanings that surround the nine whole numbers are the centre of Numerological divination.  Numbers integrate into many other divinity methods, such as the Tarot.  Numbers can represent stages in the unfolding of any process, and can be keyed to planets, days, colors, qualities and character types. Numbers are also keyed to letters of the alphabet, so words and names, as well as dates of birth, can be analyzed.


A Numerology reading taken from your name alone, will describe you the person— your hearts centre, your personality, what your being-ness values.

Your name is a personal symbol that is inseparable from you.  Your first name affects your personal life and has the strongest influence on your personality.

In spiritual theory, we all choose our own names prior to incarnating into this lifetime.  We choose our particular names for various reasons, some having to do with your karmic experiences and lessons.

Numerological, the letters of your name correspond with numbers, and these numbers each carry particular energies, vibrations and traits of their own, culminating in the full energy or impact of your name.

When you shorten or use an abbreviated form of your name, the energy of your name changes. If you change your name you call in new lessons that correspond with the new vibration.

The First Name is our 'Foundation in Life'.

Numerology in Relation to the Alphabet

A, I, J, Q, Y = 1 B, K, R = 2 C,G, L, S = 3 D, M, T = 4
E, H, N, X = 5 U, V, W = 6 O, Z = 7 F, P = 8

To find the total Numerological vibration of your name, add the total of the letters, then add together and reduce to a single digit. This number is known as your Name Ruling Number.
For example: A D I T Y A
                       1 4 1 4 1 1 = 12 = 3
In this case, the Name Ruling Number for the name ADITYA is number 3.
What is YOUR Name Ruling Number ..?


Karma Number
Your karmic number interpretation tells you what you need to do in order to correct your actions from previous lives. It can also help provide invaluable instruction as to what to do so that you can reap the rewards of the seeds that you sow in this life.

The karmic number, which is created from the consonants in your name as it appeared on your birth certificate, can also reveal your deepest hopes, desires, fears and anxieties. This number is an indicator of the subconscious mind and its’ inner workings particularly when it comes to compulsive or irrational urges and behavior.

It is also the "you're damned if you do and damned if you don't number."  It describes your Achilles heel and where you may be bound to go wrong in life even though you are well-intentioned. It can also help you figure out why you may be achieving the opposite of what you want to achieve in life.

Another interesting aspect of the karmic number is that it can give you an idea of how others see you when it comes to first impressions.

To divine your karmic number, you must first add together all of the letters of your full birth name.

The unique nature of the karmic nature tells you about your psychological vulnerabilities and strengths, the limitations that fate may have to offer you and the first impressions that you make on others.

Calculate your Karmic Number by eliminating all the vowels from your name. Assign the consonants the numerical equivalents as designated on the chart below and then reduce the number to a single digit.

A, I, J, Q, Y = 1 B, K, R = 2 C,G, L, S = 3 D, M, T = 4
E, H, N, X = 5 U, V, W = 6 O, Z = 7 F, P = 8

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