Chitra Nakshatra

Male Natives born under Chitra Nakshatra

Physical features: They have a lean body. He can be recognized or identified even from a crowd of hundreds of people through his magnificent dealings and expressions.

Character and general events: : They has may be very intelligent, calm, polite and peace loving. That person will not hesitate to go to any extreme for the sake of selfish benefits. There is a hidden inherent gift by God for Chitra Nakshatra born i.e., the ideas or opinions or advice expressed by him would initially appear to be a sheer nonsense but later on the same idea or opinion or advice will only prevail upon. There is also an inherent gift of intuition. Hence they are the type of person who is very much fit for the Astrological profession where intuition is very much needed.


Female Natives born under Chitra Nakshatra

Females born in Chitra Nakshatra will also equally enjoy the same results mentioned above for the male natives, except that the females are more subjected to the hands of may be unlucky fate.

Physical features: She has a beautiful envious body. She will be tall with equally matched fleshy body. While she has natural long hair, she in the modern world will have a cut hair and may be her figure is slim.

Character and general events: Her eagerness for excess of freedom and unrespectable behavior makes problems still complicated. She is proud for no merits. Nature is veracious and sinful, mischievous, laziness. She will have very few friends.

Compatibility and Incompatibility: Chitra Nakshatra is most compatible Visakha Nakshatra and also Swati and Hasta Nakshatras compatible with Chitra nakshatra. Taking into account the idea of ‘Veda Dosha ‘or the principles of mutual obstruction, Chitra Nakshatra happens to be incompatible to Mrigasira and Dhanista Nakshatras and also both Uttara Phalguni and Uttarabhadrapada nakshatras are incompatible to Chitra Nakshatra.


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