Ashlesha Nakshatra

Male Natives born under Ashlesha Nakshatra

Physical features:: Ashlesha born normally possess rude appearance and are stubbornness. He may appear to be having stout body and rude features but inside built up is void.

Character and general events: He will not be grateful to anybody even to those who have given him life. Outwardly he tends to show that he is very sincere and would like to share the tragedy of others but he is not like that. He is very chatty. One of the added advantages is that he can attract people with hypocritical words and he is fit to man various organizations. Since there is an inherent quality of leadership, politics and eagerness to reach the top he can shine very well in the political field. In spite of all those mentioned above, which may appear to be an adverse indication of the character, he is the most intelligent person who can give suitable leadership to a country.

Female Natives born under Ashlesha Nakshatra
Physical features: Most of the females born in this Nakshatra are not good looking. However, if Mars is associated in this Nakshatra, she will have beautiful figure.

Character and general events: She will be self-restrained and will possess non-caring attitude. To some extent she is careless. The inherent quality of shyness in the females is present in a greater degree in the case of Ashlesha born females. Her moral is of a very high order. She will enjoy good respect and recognition from her relations. She has the capacity to conquer her enemies mainly through vocabulary twisting.

Compatibility and Incompatibility: Ashlesha Nakshatra is most compatible to Punarvasu Nakshatra. Stars such as Anuradha, Sravana, Jyeshta, Poorvaashada and Uttarashada also compatible with Ashlesha Nakshatra. Ashlesa ‘s non compatibility to Magha and Poorvaphalguni birth stars.


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