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Special Remedies Upay
(Extraordinary Remedies)


Price: Select your package

Grah Dosh Nivaran Potali Upay (5 Potali Course)    INR 4500/- (Within India)

Rahu-Ketu (Kaal Sarp Dosh Nivaran Potali) (8 Potali Course)
(for Rahu-ketu Mahadasha or malefic Rahu-ketu)    INR 7500/- (Within India)

Shani Dosh Nivaran Potali (8 Potali Course)
(for Shani Sade Sati & Shani Dhaiya or Malefic Shani Mahadasha)    INR 7500/- (Within India)

Business, Job & Interview Related Potali Upay (3 Potali Course + 21 Vishnu Chakra for upay)
(for success in business, big business meetings, interviews, promotion, transfers & pre exams.)
(This Upay must be begin before one month)
   INR 4500/- (Within India)

In all Upay remedies, you must be Faith & Astha and True devotion is compulsory.

You have must send us your full details i.e. you’re D.O.B, Birth Time, Birth Place and problems. All potali upay is valid for six months only depend on person to person horoscope planetary position.

Procedure of Potali Upay details will be sent by products.
This price is inclusive of Abhimantrit/Energized & shipping charges in India only.