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Sarswati Pujan/Jaap/Homam


Education Related Problem


33000 Mantra Jaap and Homam:
INR 18000/=

54000 Mantra Jaap and Homam:
INR 28000/=

125000 Mantra Jaap and Homam:
INR 56000/=

Sarswati Pujan/Jaap/Homam

Goddess Saraswati is regarded as Goddess of Wisdom, Knowledge, intellect, creativity, and education, Learning, Music and Fine Arts.
It is highly effective for students who suffered from breakups in education and suffering from adverse effects of Jupiter/Mercury/Rahu. It sharpens the mind of its devotee and improves grasping energy, memory power and concentration. It ensures success in studies and high achievement in competitive examinations. It is a known remedy for mental disorders, weak intellectual growth and lunacy. This pujan can also do for businessmen, professionals, artists, entrepreneurs and people involved in creative activities. Out of all the God and Goddess she is the one who possesses the powers of speech, wisdom and learning. Maa Saraswati has four hands representing four aspects of human personality in learning; mind, intellect, alertness and ego.
By performing this Anushthan one will be blessed with success in the examinations, blessed with concentration in education. The devotee will not forget but retain and remember whatever he or she reads. It is Goddess Saraswati grants success in Education, research, music, singing, dancing, acting, painting, sculpture etc.

This pujan includes Mantra Jaap and Homam for Maa Saraswati, It is done specifically in your Name with your Sankalpa, i.e. your wish.

Donation includes the following:

Puja Materials used in Pujan for lord/deity
Dakshina or fees paid to pundits
After performing your Mantra Jaap we will send you Energized one Six Mukhi Rudraksha in form of Prasadam.