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We do not hope to get involved in any dispute of any nature. Text matters given in the site is as per Hindu mythology and beliefs and is based upon various religious books and literature. We will not be responsible for any technical dispute which may arise on the bases of our text matter. The astrological cures enumerated such as Gems. Mantras, Yantras and charities etc listed in the site are based on Hindu Mythology or old epics. However Grahnakshatra.Com is not responsible for the adverse or unfavorable effects of these remedial measures and the same should be practiced at customer's own expense (individual judgment). the content of the website do not promise total accuracy or exactitude). But since the site is devoted to the worship services etc and so belief or astha is more important than anything else.

The site deals in spirituality, astrology and various occult sciences. The experts featured in this site have devoted sufficient time and energy to learn the science of astrology and mystic from well researched books and classical literature.
A Vedic Astrological horoscope is the opinion of one person based on his or her training and experience in Vedic Astrology. Another Astrologer's opinion on any particular point might differ. But as a matter of fact, based on the experience and study, every astrologer and Vedic professional have their own style of studying a horoscope and the predictions of one horoscope made by different astrologers can be different in any way. Grahnakshatra.Com gives no guarantee about the accuracy of the predictions and recommendations of the horoscope made by panel of astrologers and Vedic professionals working with Grahnakshatra.Com.

Hence, there is high amount of likelihood that the advice given on the site will be as per the prescribed astrological norms. Here, the astrology applied is Vedic Indian astrology and has no relevance with the astrology as known in the west. Only Numerology western interpretation is done. The site expects that the customers using our services should take our advice for proper planning of their times to come. However, the site warns that the predictions should not be followed blindly(the content of the website do not promise total accuracy or exactitude) the dependability on the same should be at users own discretion / risk. Astrology being the science of probabilities, the site does not take any obligation for the correctness of the prediction given on the site.

Grahnakshatra.Com further advices its customers, clients and visitors to use the information and recommendations provide on the site (i.e. Grahnakshatra.Com) on their own responsibility, as Grahnakshatra.Com gives no guarantee about the accuracy of the predictions and recommendations. Grahnakshatra.Com takes no responsibility of the any claim for the negative results of the remedies given by its astrologers.

Products disclaimer

Products may differ in Shape, Color, Size or any other Characteristics from the Images Displayed on anywhere on this website. As on Naturally Availability.

Confidentiality disclaimer

Grahnakshatra guarantees complete confidentiality of the member's identity, horoscope details and predictions.

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