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About Sri Mahamrityunjay Yantra Locket Kavach

Kavach for Good Health, Protects from Accidents and Serious Diseases, Bad Effects of Kaal Sarp Dosh, Mental Instability and Anxiety.


INR 3090/- (Within India)

Siddh Pure Silver Locket/Kavach

Note: Procedure of wearing or Puja for locket/kavach will be sent by products.
           This price is inclusive of Abhimantrit/Energized of lokect/kavach & shipping charges.
           Shipping charges extra as applicable. (Out of INDIA)

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Mahamrityunjaya locket Kavach is blessed by Lord Shiva and it helps in relieving people of diseases and fears. It has an embossed image of Lord Shiva on one side and the Mahamriyunjaya yantra on the other side. It is made of silver.

Mahamritunjay Yantra Locket Kavach represents Lord Mahamritunjay Shiva – the Winner of Death. It makes a person free from fear of death, fatal diseases and serious dangers. It also makes its worshiper healthy and courageous. It kills troubles, stresses, tensions, ego, etc of its worshipers. Mahamritunjay Kavach is spiritually capable to bring back a person in normal life from a life threatening situation. It protects the person from accidents and diseases. It also safeguards from ill-effects of Kaal Sarp Dosh, Mangalik Dosh, Planetary flaws. It eliminates misfortunes and brings good luck and success in life. It fulfills the wishes and dreams of a person. It also removes the fear and bad dreams. It brings peace of mind eliminating restlessness, depression, mental instability and anxiety. It brings back courage and self-confidence. It brings back lost faith and mental & physical strength that derives success for you.

IMPORTANT: Kavach’s are pre Energised with your Name and Gotra by special mantras to give you proper and effective result. Abhimantrit or Energizing Kavach is most important process in Kavach remedy. This work is done with utmost care & purity. We are here only helping you to know which kavach are going to be beneficial for you for the specific purposes.