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DakshinaVarti (Right Handed) Vishnu Shankh

Dakshinavarti Shankh is the symbol of Goddess Lakshmi. It is said that Maa Lakshmi removes sorrows and gives intelligence, success, and worldly freedom. Dakshinawarthi Shankh is used to bring good luck and prosperity to the family. Dakshinavarti shankh not only bring wealth but also purify the atmosphere. All the negatives energies are swept out of the place. This is a Sea-shell which opens towards the right hand, and is very rare with lot of spiritual significance; it is useful to purify the environment from evil effects. Dakshinwarti Shankh is used to get immense luck, windfall gains, acquisition of wealth and unforeseen gains. This shankh is very rare & much coveted and it is highly auspicious to keep it in Pooja for all round prosperity.
Drinking the water from this ensures a healthy life and also pooja ensures the blessings of lord Vishnu.

Sri Ganesh Shankh

Sri Ganesh Shankh represents Lord Ganesha and is worshipped remove obstacles, for learning/knowledge/education and for success in all undertakings, to get good luck and prosperity to family. It is considered a very auspicious for protection from evil effects. Sri Ganesh Shankh should be established on Monday or Wednesday in morning after bathing it with raw milk and worshipping it with dhoop-deep (incense and lamp).

Worshipping of Lord Ganesha give us siddhi, intelligence and success.

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